Friday, 14 May 2010

Sky News

Do I need to say more? They are biased, puppets of the Murdoch empire, and this has been even more evident over the past week.

Kay Burley being a bully.

Adam Boulton being a dick.

Sack Kay Burley

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Lack of Blogging

Here's one that's reared its ugly head a bit sooner than expected. I'm a bit pissed off with myself as I haven't vented my rage on this site for a while. I'd be very annoyed if this turned into one of those "I've just started a blog" websites which the owner then ditches after a couple of posts, so today's article is basically about not having anything worthy to write about.

Sure I'm still an angry mutherfucker but when it comes to writing things down it's a little harder to do. I'm sure we get angry about many of the same things so why not vent off and let me know what really "grinds your gears".

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Censored Swear Words

Are you idiots? Don't answer that as some of you obviously are idiots (law of averages) but do you really think that putting a couple of asterisks in a swear word will 'protect the innocent', whilst us 'in the know' will stroke our beards in the knowledge that we are mature enough to know the true meaning of these worlds?

You may have noticed that I chuck the odd curse into my posts but that's my perogative and if you don't like it then fuck off (see what I did there?)

On the rare occasion that I 'read' the Sun newspaper, or any other tabloid, it is littered with censored swear words and I find it hard to believe that even an idiot would not understand what the words are. This is all a bit hypocritical in that they believe they are protecting decency when they have no qualms about topless models, sex stories, blatant lying, invasion of 'celebrities' privacy, etc.

There is a place for swear words, and in many instances only a curse will do when used in context. I did actually use asterisks when I started this blog but I've decided that there's no real point as you all know what I'm saying so why censor the words? Swear words will never show up in children's stories, or kids comics, but once you are old enough to read a newspaper then you should be old enough to know a few swear words as they are part of our culture.

If the words are used responsibly then they have every place in our society.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

General Election 2010

So who am I going to vote for? I've haven't got a bloody clue because they're all as bad as each other and I can't really see any real difference between the parties challenging for the leadership, which let's be honest, is only Labour and the Conservatives.

Will the UK change much after the elections? I don't believe for a minute that Cameron can come in and make everything hunkydory. Are you telling me that we wouldn't be up Shit Creek if the Tories had been in power? Bollocks! Although Brown has tried his best to fuck things up as best as he can.
So I'm in a quandary. I want to use my vote but with the millions of idiots out there casting their votes for piss-poor reasons I think I'll probably just get shafted with my vote meaning very little. I guess I don't really care about which party gets elected as there will be no real change. If the Tories think they can mend 'Broken Britain' then good luck to them but I don't think it's that easy (if Britain really is broken that is). If Labour stay in power then things can't really get any worse can they?

We're probably all buggered anyway, so what's the point?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Annoyed About Thanet

There are many things that annoy me and the one I'll blog about today is the fact that Thanet is in the wrong fucking place. If I want to go anywhere in the UK I've got the longest journey to make as Thanet is stuck right on the tip of East Kent.

Of course you can moan at me and say "why don't you move then" and that's true. I could move anywhere West of Thanet and be closer to the rest of the UK, but our geographical location also has impacts on people who want to come to Thanet in that they have to come fucking miles to get here. This simple fact makes life hard for us.

We harp on about tourism, but when it's easier to get to Brighton etc then why should people make the effort to come all the way here when it's miles out of the way and when they get here they're bound to be disappointed with the post-apocalyptic scenes that greet them as they survey the boarded up shops and the zombies that patrol our high-streets.

I live here and it's hard enough getting out of the area, but why would anyone want to actually visit? If I came for a day-trip here I would be disappointed. Yes there's some bells and whistles... and glitter (we can't forget that), but it doesn't hide the fact that there is something very wrong with Thanet and this in part has a great deal to do with where we are placed.

Annoying First Post

I do get annoyed at quite a lot of things, especially in Thanet (where I live), and so I thought I'd give this blogging malarky a go so that I can vent my frustrations about all the stuff that pisses me off.

That's it really. Just me, mouthing off, and occasionally swearing.