Wednesday, 7 April 2010

General Election 2010

So who am I going to vote for? I've haven't got a bloody clue because they're all as bad as each other and I can't really see any real difference between the parties challenging for the leadership, which let's be honest, is only Labour and the Conservatives.

Will the UK change much after the elections? I don't believe for a minute that Cameron can come in and make everything hunkydory. Are you telling me that we wouldn't be up Shit Creek if the Tories had been in power? Bollocks! Although Brown has tried his best to fuck things up as best as he can.
So I'm in a quandary. I want to use my vote but with the millions of idiots out there casting their votes for piss-poor reasons I think I'll probably just get shafted with my vote meaning very little. I guess I don't really care about which party gets elected as there will be no real change. If the Tories think they can mend 'Broken Britain' then good luck to them but I don't think it's that easy (if Britain really is broken that is). If Labour stay in power then things can't really get any worse can they?

We're probably all buggered anyway, so what's the point?


  1. Having met the Liberal Democrat candidate in Dane Valley, My vote is going Liberal this time,the more the merrier two fingers to the other two Parties.

  2. Since Brown was the Chancellor for most of this Goverments reign it could be said that he was one of those who could have had an effect on how big a fuck up this country has become. Relying on the service industy alone to power our economy(what happened to spreading the risk?)was pretty bloody stupid! He really started the ball rolling with the robbing of the pension pot. But I haven`t forgotten how insensitive and corrupt(loads of money!)that the previous lot had become. I`ll vote Lib Dem even though I don`t agree with their tax policies. They`ve never had a chance whilst this Labour goverment, and Conservative council has well and truely fucked up.