Thursday, 8 April 2010

Censored Swear Words

Are you idiots? Don't answer that as some of you obviously are idiots (law of averages) but do you really think that putting a couple of asterisks in a swear word will 'protect the innocent', whilst us 'in the know' will stroke our beards in the knowledge that we are mature enough to know the true meaning of these worlds?

You may have noticed that I chuck the odd curse into my posts but that's my perogative and if you don't like it then fuck off (see what I did there?)

On the rare occasion that I 'read' the Sun newspaper, or any other tabloid, it is littered with censored swear words and I find it hard to believe that even an idiot would not understand what the words are. This is all a bit hypocritical in that they believe they are protecting decency when they have no qualms about topless models, sex stories, blatant lying, invasion of 'celebrities' privacy, etc.

There is a place for swear words, and in many instances only a curse will do when used in context. I did actually use asterisks when I started this blog but I've decided that there's no real point as you all know what I'm saying so why censor the words? Swear words will never show up in children's stories, or kids comics, but once you are old enough to read a newspaper then you should be old enough to know a few swear words as they are part of our culture.

If the words are used responsibly then they have every place in our society.

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