Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Annoyed About Thanet

There are many things that annoy me and the one I'll blog about today is the fact that Thanet is in the wrong fucking place. If I want to go anywhere in the UK I've got the longest journey to make as Thanet is stuck right on the tip of East Kent.

Of course you can moan at me and say "why don't you move then" and that's true. I could move anywhere West of Thanet and be closer to the rest of the UK, but our geographical location also has impacts on people who want to come to Thanet in that they have to come fucking miles to get here. This simple fact makes life hard for us.

We harp on about tourism, but when it's easier to get to Brighton etc then why should people make the effort to come all the way here when it's miles out of the way and when they get here they're bound to be disappointed with the post-apocalyptic scenes that greet them as they survey the boarded up shops and the zombies that patrol our high-streets.

I live here and it's hard enough getting out of the area, but why would anyone want to actually visit? If I came for a day-trip here I would be disappointed. Yes there's some bells and whistles... and glitter (we can't forget that), but it doesn't hide the fact that there is something very wrong with Thanet and this in part has a great deal to do with where we are placed.


  1. It was actually quicker to travel here by road and rail when my parents moved here in the mid 1950's. The traffic out of london and the fiasco of a rail network make it a nightmare. I too am fed up with people saying if you dont like it move the local council policies of social housing have had us transported next to a ghetto and our house value is now - 35% on 2 years ago. Thanet is a cultural ghetto, the Turner centre wont change that and I really hop it will be a graffiti free coated building or hevens knows what the few visitors will see. With all the galleries London had to offer no-one will travel to see this architectural nightmare when as they walk round the streets they are confronted with the hostile glares of thanet yobdom.

    Build the gravy train out and Ill join you happily.

  2. OH shut up and move then.The turner will be brilliant,there are fantastic new cafe bars on harbour arm,with spectacular views,new retro shops in the old town(all packed when i went there on saturday)cup cake cafe shop ,jewellers,photography,antique shop,beauty shop etc,go somewhere else and moan.My friends and i watched the sunset at the Lighthouse bar on the harbour arm and it was fantastic and breathtaking..

  3. Glad to have two commenters on here already, quite unexpected. Thanks.

    I'm also glad to get some opposing views too. All are welcome here to read my rants and more than happy to jot them down in the comments section too.

  4. I presume by 'glitter' you mean the Gary kind.

    Personally I think an hour and a quarter to St Pancras by train is brilliant. And not much more than an hour and a half in the car. What you moanin' abart?

    Anyway, good luck with the blog!

  5. just a pointer that you have left your sitemeter open for all to see. you can play around with the settings to lock it for your use only

  6. Thanks for pointing me towards that 20:32. I've changed it now. Don't want people knowing all my secrets. The information is worth millions!